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Friday, 31 December 2010

Top 10 Jewelry.

Was hard to whittle it down to just 10 but I managed!

Gorgeous leopard print earrings from the bff.They remind me of the heart of the ocean necklace from titanic lmao. And the Hello Kitty earrings have to be in here :)

Chavtastic! Hardly ever wear these but they make me feel quite bling when I do. They look quite dull in this picture though :(

Loooove this! haha. Primarni bargain, I wear this pretty much daily layered with other sparkly necklaces.

Also bought by my bff, a little teddy which is really sparkly in real life. The little arms and legs move about too! He's called Mike :)

My two favourite rings (and the two sparkliest haa). The snake one I bought a while ago and wear it almost everyday. The swallow was bought by my bff again (she spoils me!) Major love.      

Bought this little charm bracelet about a year ago, and you can tell I've overworn it by the fraying of the string lol. I think I got it from Topshop.

Bangle bought for me from Mummy for Christmas. I love big bold bracelets so this is perfect for me :)

Laura Faye